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International TCM minimally invasive pain Forum


By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

STOCKHOLM, Oct. 18(Greenpost)– Three  representatives of Acupuncture Science Association Sweden  participated in the International TCM Minimally Invasive Pain Summit Forum October 13-14, 2018, co-sponsored by China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine International TCM Minimally Invasive Community, the Chinese Medicine Research Promotion Association Chinese Medicine Minimally Invasive Professional Committee, the Henan Provincial Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Pain Society, and the Henan Soft Tissue Disease Research Association.

The International Forum on Minimally Invasive Pain Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine was held in Zhengzhou City. President of ASAS, Yang Chungui, Vice President Zhang Dongqing, and  Dr. Li Jian attended the forum. On the eve of the formal convening of the forum, Chinese  Academician Shi Xuemin and Master Tang Zuxuan arrived successively too. Both experts are honorary presidents of ASAS. Under the leadership of Master Wu Hanqing (Master Wu is also the honorary president of the ASAS), Doctor Yang, Zhang and Li got the chance to meet the academicians.

The latter three reported to  Academicians Shi, Tang and Master Wu about the development of ASAS, and witnessed the process of Master Tang receiving students.

On October 13, when the forum officially opened,
President Yang, as the vice chairman of the International Chinese Medicine Minimally Invasive Community of the Chinese Medicine Association, sat in the first row of the rostrum.

Vice President Zhang and Li Jian sat in the first row of VIP seats.

Vice President Zhang and Li Lizhi were also employed as executive directors of the International Chinese Medicine Mini-invasion Community of the Chinese Medicine Association.

Experts such as Academician Shi Xuemin, Master Tang Zuxuan and Master Wu Hanqing gave wonderful lectures at the forum. The theme of this forum is acupuncture treatment for pain. Acupuncture in Sweden’s legislation needs to elaborate the mechanism of acupuncture treatment of pain, Yang, Zhang and Li listened carefully to the lectures of the experts, and were deeply inspired to deepen the understanding of acupuncture treatment of pain and to strengthen the confidence of acupuncture in Swedish legislation. Afterwards, President Yang, Vice President Zhang and Li Jian also participated in the “Three-dimensional Anatomical Class of Water Needle Knife”. Through field anatomy, they intuitively and deeply understood the water needle knife such as the “three-way positioning of the fourteen meridian muscle fascia zone”. The advanced technology and safety points of acupuncture operation will lay the foundation for a new acupuncture technical lecture on acupuncture safety technology lectures and acupuncture and needle technology to solve the problem of myofascial problems. President Yang, Vice President Zhang and Director Li obtained the certificates of study after completing the anatomy class.

Under the recommendation of Prof. Wu Hanqing, Chairman of the International Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine Mini-invasive Community of the Chinese Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Honorary President of ASAS, accompanied by Dean Zhou Youlong, School of International Education, Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  President Yang, Vice President Zhang and Doctor Li Jian visited the Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

With that, three representatives of ASAS concluded their academic exchange during the International TCM Minimally Invasive Pain Summit Forum.


Edited by Xuefei Chen Axelsson