Meny Stäng

China Day i Stockholm

“Get closer to China!” So, it is written on the top of the program for last Saturday’s big cultural festival in Stockholm. The Swedish translation can be interpreted in 2 different ways: “We will get you closer to China by showing parts of Chinese culture!” But it can also be interpreted as a call: “Take a closer look at China, try to be open and see how Sweden and China can get closer together!”

This initiative for exchange and cooperation was shown in the tent by the Swedish department of the World Federation of Acupuncture and Moxibustion Societies, WFAS, which works closely with the World Health Organization WHO.  Traditional Chinese Medicine is a fundamental part of Chinese culture and has been practiced and developed over several thousands of years as a proven and highly effective scientific treatment method.  The knowledge in the field is huge and can inspire and enrich Western healthcare and create very effective collaborations!

The Swedish Department of WFAS, under the leadership of President Dr Chungui Yang, is also responsible for the certification of the professional title ”International Acupuncture Doctor” which requires and guarantees both long-term education and deep knowledge and experience in Chinese medicine. This certification is extra important even as patient safety since ”Acupuncturist” is not yet a protected professional title in Sweden.


Although there were many different things to experience on China Day: amazing performances on stage with Chinese opera with renowned artist Jingxia Hao, dance and music, delicious Chinese food, calligraphy, and info from different schools and education and much more, I experienced and many visitors nevertheless the tent with WFAS as the absolute highlight of the festival!  Many certified Acupuncture Doctors offered here a free health diagnosis and even simpler treatments. The interest was huge and there were long queues! At the same time, they were offered a taste of exclusive Chinese tea.  Visitors told me that after many years they finally got to know what caused their inconvenience and others were impressed how quickly and efficiently a short treatment on site could give quick and immediate relief!

It is in the history of the world quite unique steps China has taken in its development over the past 30 years and we have much to gain from sharing the country’s experiences and knowledge. For example, start by booking a consultation with an Acupuncture Doctor and see what positive change it will personally bring to your health and quality of life!

Andreas Wang Ellefsen